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As soon as we heard about Autism, we quickly hopped online and grabbed as much info as we could to find out what this mysterious diagnosis was.

Fortunately, we found a wealth of information mainly provided by other families with autistic kids. Through the guidance and advice of many families, doctors and therapists, Noah will hopefully begin an intensive therapy course called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

It is fairly new in Japan and unlike many states in the USA, Japan does not financially support this program (at least not yet).

However, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to children all around the world who have gone through this therapy. Autistic kids began to speak, play with toys, use the toilet, change their own clothes and interact with others. Basically, they learn how to learn and build upon good learning habits.

As for Noah's therapy sessions, a trained and experienced therapist will come to his house 5 days a week and for 3 hours a day, Noah, therapist, mom and dad will work together on a huge variety of tasks and skills that most of us probably take advantage of on a daily basis. We will keep a blog to document Noah's progress that everyone may access.

This therapy costs about $65.00 per hour, or about $3900 per month.

This is where you can help! Noah needs your help to be able to afford this life changing therapy!

We plan to try it for 3 months and if we see a dramatic improvement, we will do our best to continue. Our financial goal for the 3 months is: $11,700. We will need the initial $3,900 be January 2008. You can check the thermometer to the right to see how close we are to reaching this goal.

If you live in the USA and feel inclined to help Noah financially you may do by sending a check to:

Andrew Marin

RE: We Love Noah Aid

6622 E. Dalton Way
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

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